bk Musings: What Makes Us Tick

Caveat Empclicktwittor

The same machines that help us better target can also hurt us. Caveat Empclicktwittor is me pretending I remember anything from high school Latin class, but I’m going to loosely translate it as, “beware what you click on Twitter” because it turns out that the same machines that help us better target customers can also […]

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Browser extension…look like a Panda

Check out this content aggregator for design inspiration and creative industry news One of my absolute favorite internet browser extensions has to be the Panda plug-in. Panda, as it’s known, is a widget that displays design-specific content as the default page when opening a new tab in your browser. The widget is semi-customizable, in which […]

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Can You Hear Me Now?

I saw an ad that made me do a double-take the other day. Since I work at bloomfield knoble, a premier strategic marketing and advertising agency, I’m generally not prone to paying much attention to ads or being surprised by them, but this one caught me off guard. The ad was Paul Marcarelli pitching Sprint. The […]

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“Make it Sweet” with Customizable, Preset-Based After Effects Plug-ins

If you have ever created motion graphics on a large scale, sometimes the simplest tasks (such as full-screen transitions and graphic emphasis) can be very tedious and time-consuming. As I’ve covered in recent posts, it’s completely acceptable to streamline repetitive tasks with the use of plug-ins and extensions. These tools automate many different types of […]

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Taking the ‘Insta’ Out of Instagram

Instagram’s not so “instant” any more. Soon, if not already, your Instagram newsfeed will become scrambled – out of chronological order – based on your interactions on the photo-sharing platform. As announced in March, starting soon, the posts you see will be determined by Instagram’s new algorithm, which takes into account which users you’ve Liked, Shared or […]

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Qubits—Not Qbert

Let’s be honest – I’m not always hard at work in my office here at bloomfield knoble. These moments are infrequent, mind you, but they do occur. While I should probably use my free time to get some form of exercise, I instead use them to pursue my side passion—quantum mechanics. Now, thanks to IBM […]

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