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20 Mar 2012

Mad Men Tribute

Mad Men is set to return to television on Sunday, March 25 at 8:00 pm (Central) on AMC.  Thank heaven.  I have been in serious withdrawal.  I don’t want to get myself in trouble by claiming that I wish I worked in that era (I really don’t, because as an analytic nerd, I wouldn’t get to live like Don Draper anyway), but I will say I love what the show represents and that is advertising at its most raw.

By raw, I don’t ,mean sex and drinking and manliness – I mean raw in terms of “in your face” creative.  Imagery mixed with really good copy.  Visuals and tag lines working together to make something memorable.  Think about this – a tagline had only one – ONE – medium to capture attention (usually a magazine ad).  Can you imagine using 1 medium now and hoping people remember your ad?  We do study after study to see how many touch points we have to have to sell a product and it’s still not enough.  One?  Ponderous, man, ponderous.

Anyway, I digress.  While waiting for Mad Men to come back on the air, I’ve started to read a bit about the era and have been amazed to see how crazy agencies were back then.  If even half the stories I’ve read are true, then real life would make Mad Men seem like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.  One of the people I’ve been reading, and reading about, is George Lois.  Lois recently talked with NPR’s Renee Montagne about his work and his new book, Damn Good Advice:


28 Feb 2012

Next, they will tell me a rich Nigerian Prince wants to give me money.

I work in advertising, so I’m pretty familiar with ads that feature an asterisk (*) to explain the details.  These type of ads are usually pretty easy to spot.  I mean, when’s the last time you really got something for free?  Look closely and the asterisk tells you that it’s free – you just pay processing and handling.  Ta Da!

So imagine my embarrassment and frustration when I fell for this email from AT&T:


27 Sep 2011

You Better Be Interesting on the New Facebook

As Mashable points out, the new Facebook changes that were announced last week will eventually impact Pages as well as user profiles. As it stands now, businesses can post their message and count on that message appearing in people’s newsfeed who have “liked” them – whether it’s relevant to that user or not. That’s all well and good for businesses who post “nonsense” posts that even their followers probably don’t care about. (Think of the company that only posts about how great its product is. After you’ve heard it enough, it just becomes static.)

With the latest changes, the emphasis will be on interacting with the content and informing Facebook of individual tastes and interests. Over time, if your content isn’t compelling, it will be relegated exclusively to the Ticker – the sidebar that shows “less important” updates.


21 Sep 2011

The Epic Battle Begins

Now that Google has unchained Google+, it’s time to see which social media behemoth will win the ultimate social media cage match. Can the more experienced and deservedly self-assured Facebook ward off the young upstart with the cool new features?

Mashable has a good write up about the pending war between Circles and Newsfeeds.

Who do you think wins the war?

20 Jul 2011

A bloomfield knoble Opinion: Google+

What is the Impact of  Google+ for Businesses?

bloomfield knoble, inc., continuously provides its clients positions and recommendations on the latest trends in social media, focusing on how best to implement those tools for their benefit.
Executive Summary:
Google+ is a social networking tool geared toward individuals making connections and communicating with each other, much like Facebook.



Google+, currently in invitation-only trial mode with approximately 20 million users, shows promise as a major social media destination in the future. It is bloomfield knoble, inc.’s, position that it will take at least one full year to build a user-base that can threaten Facebook’s dominant position in the market.