Financial Services

Finance doesn't have to be by the numbers

Finding a point of difference between you and your competition can be a real challenge when people perceive that the products and services offered are all essentially the same. Many financial service firms find that their message isn’t resonating with their target audience, or find that they’re saying the right things, but to the wrong people. Sometimes it’s both.

At bloomfield knoble, we’ve helped some of the largest financial service companies in the world make sure that they’re delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. We are able to define and profile customers as “lookalike” and “act-alike” via the blending of traditional data and analytics with online behavior to identify segments and the right target audience for your products or services.


Regulated doesn't have to be ordinary

We understand the complexities of the regulations governing the financial services industry. Our significant experience in the financial services industry reassures our clients that we understand the regulations and processes of compliance — but being compliant doesn’t have to be ordinary or complex.

We know that financial services are loans and investments, so you’re selling money — a commodity. We help you connect to your customers and potential customers through storytelling to make an emotional connection that generates loyalty and referrals.

The whole can be greater than the sum of its parts

Technology is disrupting financial services more than any other industry. Increased competition and a savvier audience require that every part of your communications work together to convey brand equity. You’re more than financial services. To potential customers, you represent dreams and opportunities for more. To existing customers, you are a manager of hope.

At bloomfield knoble, we use our financial industry expertise to ensure your campaigns and communications are integrated to convey the desired outcome.




Corporate, product or service, whatever your brand positioning need, bloomfield knoble believes that including the customer voice is vitally important in informing both the creative and strategic process.

  • Brand image and identity
  • Digital and traditional creative concept, design and development
  • Segmentation, targeting and positioning


Everything we do is results-driven. Whatever the campaign, whatever the communication, it’s about a measurable return-on-investment. From programmatic advertising that generates stronger leads to sales collateral to help your team perform better, bloomfield knoble is more than just focused on optimizing cost per click, we want to help you generate leads that have higher conversion rates to actual closed loans and new accounts.

  • Campaign concept development
  • Integrated media planning and buying
  • Search engine marketing and optimization


No other industry matches the process requirements for communicating with customers like financial services. Communication is more than building customer loyalty or generating additional revenue opportunities — it’s about connecting to customers and connecting those customers to information that is both required and of benefit to their decision-making process.

At bloomfield knoble, we develop effective, compliant, communication strategies that drive customer advocacy. We will help you analyze where there is fallout and develop retargeting and resolicitation campaigns so you don’t miss any opportunities.

  • Direct marketing (email and direct mail)
  • Social media
  • Content generation

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