“Make it Sweet” with Customizable, Preset-Based After Effects Plug-ins

If you have ever created motion graphics on a large scale, sometimes the simplest tasks (such as full-screen transitions and graphic emphasis) can be very tedious and time-consuming. As I’ve covered in recent posts, it’s completely acceptable to streamline repetitive tasks with the use of plug-ins and extensions. These tools automate many different types of program actions, so you don’t have to manually create each transition you want to use throughout your video. Trust me, no one is going to discredit your ability to create these elements on your own…you’re just working smarter, not harder!

In this video tutorial, I take a look at the Ae Sweets After Effects plug-in, which uses AE shape layers and inherent transform properties to generate a wide variety of interesting transitions and graphics. This tool is incredibly robust and fully editable. I definitely recommend checking it out…it may end up being your favorite tool!

Click below to play the video.

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