Cognition: The way we think.

Cognitive is the new competitive advantage.

Gain insights with bloomfield knoble and IBM Watson

Watson is a cognitive next-generation, unified information access and content analytics platform that gives you access to a holistic view of all your structured and unstructured data to drive intelligent action, improve decision-making and enhance customer service.

Watson understands data – structured and unstructured, text-based or sensory-in context and meaning, at astonishing speeds and volumes.

Watson has the ability to form hypotheses, make considered arguments and prioritize recommendations to help humans make better decisions.

Watson ingests and accumulates data from every interaction continuously. Watson is trained, not programmed, by experts who enhance, scale and accelerate their expertise. Therefore, it gets better over time.

Watson responds and communicates with people in a natural way that allows cognitive solutions to see, talk and hear.

Why Cognitive?

  • 65% say adopting cognitive is very important to their organization’s strategy and success
  • 58% cognitive computing is essential to digital transformation
  • 62% of users say outcomes from cognitive initiatives exceed their expectations

How it does it:

  • Securely connects, searches and explores data, regardless of format or location
  • Mines unstructured data to reveal trends, patterns and insights
  • Lets users quickly build 360-degree views of data on specific topics such as customers and products

Use Cases

Cognitive Discovery

Discover trends and patterns in diverse sets of data – inside and outside of your organization in structured or unstructured data to gain a competitive advantage by instantly tapping into the power of cognitive without data scientists.

Cognitive Conversation

Add a natural language, intelligent chatbot to an app, website, device, messaging app or social channel to break down the barriers to fast, efficient customer communications, driving improved customer engagement.

Cognitive Extend

Understand the meaning of signals in data, empowering developers to extend and build next generation user experiences in applications that can interact with humans. Cognitive insights optimize the value of unstructured data and creates information for applications that is meaningful, actionable and valuable.


bloomfield knoble is proud to partner with DataSkill, creator of ACUMI – the most powerful artificial intelligence software available – and is invested in delivering game-changing solutions on the new wave of cognitive intelligence.

Text Analytics

Predictive interpretations and decisions derived from unstructured data found in social media, PDF, hand written notes and a wide variety of sources.

Knowledge Analytics

Predictive diagnostics and decisions regarding cognitively complex challenges, such as AI, deep machine learning and behavioral evaluation.

IoT Analytics

Predictive alerts and notifications because real-time is too slow in today’s connected world. Analytics for any device – biometric, mechanical, environmental or mobile.


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