Site Intercept

The fastest, most productive route to continuous site improvement through survey and research.

Understand Site Visitor Profiles and Intent of Visit

Our real-time Site Intercept Research helps our clients define visitor profiles and the intent of their visit. Unlike other site surveys, bk understands that satisfaction measures emotion and is not an indicator of visit success or failure. Success measures outcomes and the root cause of conversion failure. Quite simply, you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.

Invite and short set of questions upon entering the site (e.g., who’s coming, why are they coming).

Visitor navigates the site while the survey logs behaviors and interactions.


Ask a short set of questions on exit (guaranteed to be relevant, since they are custom-generated by visitor’s unique journey through the site).

Benefits of Site Intercept Research

  • Supports persona development initiatives
  • Provides insights for campaign creation
  • Provides intelligence to drive website traffic
  • Drives website conversion
  • Continuous improvement of customer experience

Analytical Data Analysis

Our ability to combine site intercept with qualitative research to more deeply explore and identify points of friction uncovered using quantitative data illustrates at which level a site fails visitors and where opportunities exist to improve a visitors’ user experience.


Chart Reporting

Every website with a call-to-action can benefit from the insights and actionable results that are delivered by site intercept research. Implementing site intercept research provides information to help predict what actions should be taken in the marketplace in terms of what the market reaction to those actions will be.

The goal of any research is to collect data to help gather information to make informed decisions, but it’s not data that a company wants – it’s information. When collecting data, it’s important to understand the information that a company really wants. Site intercept research delivers real-time information tailored to the specific needs of a company and its clients to provide information vital to the decision-making process.

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