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23 Mar 2011

Scrub that Data

One of the hallmarks of the work we do for clients is our dedication to the data. We never fly blindly into a campaign and we’re never beholden to a particular medium. One of our mantras states that we are agnostic to the medium. We don’t choose what type of campaign we’re going to employ for any client until we’ve done our research.

Too often we have heard stories of agencies engaging with a client and leading them down a path to search engine marketing, direct mail or some other pre-determined format. This occurs because the agency has an expertise or formula they follow in a particular medium. This is not the most effective way to market (Dear Reader, Please make up your own metaphor and insert here).


21 Jan 2011

How Not To Waste Money on Direct Mail

What do you want to accomplish with your direct mail campaign? I doubt anybody answered, “For it to get thrown in the trash as soon as it’s picked out of the mailbox.” Or, “To spend a lot of money on a really nice mailer and send it out, only to guess a few months later its impact with our customers.” Worst of all, “To create one piece and mail it to a set of ZIP codes that we chose after looking at a map for five minutes.”