Thomas J Thompson

A STEM (Science / Technology / Engineering / Math) graduate and COO of bloomfield knoble, Thomas exemplifies the view that advertising is becoming an engineering discipline. He leads the integrated insights and strategic planning group in a way consistent with bloomfield knoble’s goal of bringing a strong analytical foundation to uncover fresh and innovative insights and business opportunities.

Thomas J Thompson
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Adobe Summit 2014

One of the things that makes bloomfield knoble a great agency is our willingness to share ideas and be open to additional concepts. We extend our “sharing circle” to include partners and even clients and at times, other agencies. One of the best ways to share with other agencies is through conferences, like the 2014 […]

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Data management scalability needs? Just say “No” as in “NoSQL.”

Like many agencies, bloomfield knoble, inc. (bk) is relying more and more on big data to help us deliver on-target messages to a granular target audience. The tremendous rise in interactive applications over the last 15 years has led to a dramatic increase in the data management needs of those apps. To address these needs,

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