It's not just what we say, it's how we say it.

Want to know how a Japanese person is feeling? Pay attention to the tone of his voice, not his face. That’s what other Japanese people would do, anyway. A new study examines how Dutch and Japanese people assess others’ emotions and finds that Dutch people pay attention to the facial expression more than Japanese people

Your attenuation, please!

Oh man, that has to be one of the best inside physics jokes, ever. Advertising agencies love video on the Internet.  It lets us deliver our intended message, it lets us drive emotional response and it gives us a point of difference versus others in social media efforts.  The problem with video on the Web

The next generation of WiFi is almost here . . .

One of the big problems with digital signage (and many other types of mobile marketing) is the lack of WiFi connectivity.  Digital signs often rely on WiFi as a means for content delivery, diagnostics, analytics, etc.  The problem is that WiFi uses very low power and operates on a very narrow spectrum, which makes it

The (annoying) genius of IKEA

If you’ve ever been to an IKEA store, then you know that once you’re in the showroom, it’s not immediately apparent how to cut quickly to the checkouts.  Instead, you are directed through aspirational kitchens and bathrooms and past a vast number of furniture displays.  The average shopping experience at IKEA takes over 1/2 hour

Can you hear me now?

Last week we were asked to help troubleshoot technical issues that a company (who shall remain nameless) was having with a mobile marketing campaign. Without giving too much away, the plan is to use a location-based system to call people on their cell phones and direct them to a special marketing event in their area.

Selective Attention and Marketing

If you’re already familiar with the Chabris and Simons Selective Attention Test, then keep reading.  If not, then click here and watch the video carefully.  The goal of the experiment is to count the number of times people in white pass the ball.  Come back here once you’ve finished the video (you will get the