A bloomfield knoble Opinion: Google+

What is the Impact of  Google+ for Businesses?

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Executive Summary:
Google+ is a social networking tool geared toward individuals making connections and communicating with each other, much like Facebook.



Google+, currently in invitation-only trial mode with approximately 20 million users, shows promise as a major social media destination in the future. It is bloomfield knoble, inc.’s, position that it will take at least one full year to build a user-base that can threaten Facebook’s dominant position in the market.

Reasons Google+ is likely to attract users:

  • Deep integration with the entire Google ecosystem and one-click access from Google home and app pages
  • Unique features like group video chat
  • Circles — Easy-to-use friend groups
  • +1 Button (analogous to Facebook’s Like button)
  • Strong interface design
 Reasons users might stay away:

  • Non-desire to set up another social network from scratch
  • No “killer” apps such as games (Farmville, etc.) to keep users coming back
  • Turbulence in social media use (i.e. the rise of Twitter)
  • Too much overlap with Facebook


Google+ is not as feature-rich and is less engaging due to the limited number of users and ways to use the service relative to Facebook. There currently are no Business Pages, but according to Google, that feature will be added sometime in the fall of 2011.


Large enterprises, like most of bloomfield knoble’s clients, will receive no benefit from Google+ until the user base reaches critical mass. Some of the tools that Google has integrated into the platform — such as the friend groups known as Circles — may provide value to a business once there are enough users to make it worthwhile.


The +1 Button is of immediate benefit though, as it is simple and inexpensive to implement and easy for users to show an affinity for the brand.



  1. Given the likelihood of Google+’s success — based on the preview available now and, most importantly, the ubiquity of its parent company — it will be wise to become an early adopter. (A successful and popular new social media site that replicates the functionality of the existing leader is not a welcome event. Businesses will need to develop strategies and monitor market place changes as Google+ grows, causing additional internal management and execution.)
  2. Wait for Google to launch their promised Business Pages for Google+ before setting up a presence on the platform, but do so as soon as the feature is available.
  3. Immediately integrate the +1 button on clients’ sites in order for users to publicly give their stamp of approval and share that approval with others on Google+.


Check our blog for updates on this opinion as Google+ evolves and matures.


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