Daily design inspiration is easier than you think with Panda 5

Check out this content aggregator for design inspiration and creative industry news. One of my absolute favorite internet browser extensions has to be the Panda plug-in. Panda, as it?s known, is a widget that displays design-specific content as the default page when opening a new tab in your browser. The widget is semi-customizable, in which

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Dr. Techlove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Podcasts

I don’t care who you are, podcasts are pretty dope. You may not have been a listener or even aware of podcasts prior to the pandemic, but chances are now you’re fully aware and even a subscriber to the plethora of podcast choices today. They’ll suck you in faster than an episode of Succession on a sick

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It’s a Meme World Out There

Buzz has it right, memes are everywhere. I go on Facebook and what’s the first thing I see on my timeline? A meme. I open up Instagram and the first three posts in my feed are memes. (I say that like I don’t enjoy it – but I actually do.) In fact, it seems like

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Just How Loud Do You Have to Scream to Be Heard on Twitter?

I’ve decided that I hate social media. I’ve joined neither Facebook nor Snap. I am on Instagram, but only to share vacation pictures with my family because I’m too lazy to sort and share photos with them after my trips. I gave up on LinkedIn because I find the timeline poorly designed and I’m not

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SMEs Are People First, and They Need You to Be Prepared

They’re knowledgeable, but cryptic. They’re busy, but necessary. Of course, I’m talking about subject matter experts. Chances are that if you’re a writer, researcher or on a content-based project, you’re working with one or more of these brilliant professionals, or SMEs. Communication can often seem difficult, or downright impossible. Sometimes it IS their personality, but sometimes it’s you… and

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Is Cake, the Swiping Internet Browser for Your Phone, an Effective Tool?

If you’ve been on YouTube recently (and still watch commercials) then you may have run into Cake, the phone app that changes the way you use the internet. It replaces the classic search result style you’ve begrudgingly grown accustomed to on your phone with fast-loading pages that you swipe left or right to navigate. Simply