Are You Ready for Your Close Up?

Video is a great way to communicate to your target audience. A well-produced professional piece can not only convey your brand and message in an entertaining and engaging way, but it can also drive visitors to your video and brand thanks to Google’s search engines thorough indexing of YouTube videos.

At bloomfield knoble, we’ve been producing promotional and informational videos for our clients for years.

There are a variety of ways to effectively incorporate video into your website or presentations. bloomfield knoble has shot and produced videos in a wide range of styles to accomplish different goals for our clients.

Our series of five corporate videos for NatureSweet showcase the quality and availability of one of the largest tomato brands.

We also shot and produced overview videos highlighting hotels such as the Hilton DFW Lakes Hotel and Conference Center and the historic Stoneleigh Hotel and spa in order to inform guests about the convenience and amenities available at their facilities.

A series of home style video recipes for Stubbs BBQ Sauce based in Austin shows off that brand’s versatility in a very functional way – giving consumers useful information in an entertaining presentation. It doesn’t hurt that the information provided also helps sell the barbecue sauce!

As part of the product packaging for the Bell Fitness Savasa line of exercise products, we produced and directed a video showcasing different exercises that could be done with different products. It’s a great selling point for the product and helps encourage buyers to get the most out of their purchase.

Then there’s the Power Saver Challenge, an online energy contest between three Texas families sponsored by TXU in which each family was provided $5,000 to see which could most improve their home’s energy within that budget. The series was shot reality show style, with initial episodes introducing the families, discussing their energy audits and setting goals. Follow up episodes reviewed their improvements and the impact it would have on their energy bills.

Another video available for viewing on our YouTube channel is an interoperability video for the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) that provides an overview of the benefits of using the Tolltag at DFW area airports for pass-through and parking.

In addition to producing videos from scratch, depending on the client’s needs, we can develop the concept for the videos and outsource the production. This was the case with Fannie Mae’s Know Your Options, which is also a good example of how we used social media to reach as far as we can. This series of testimonial videos was posted and promoted on YouTube in order to give homeowners the perspective of their peers in their own words, with the easiest access possible.

All of these videos provide our clients with strategic branded messages for their target audience while also providing valuable information in a way that invites viewers in and engages them, without asking too much time commitment or effort. Meanwhile, videos posted to YouTube are 100% certain to be indexed into Google’s search engine. While it doesn’t guarantee a first-page result, it at least ensures that Google knows your content exists and will garner hits based on your tags and subsequent search terms.

If you’re interested in engaging your customers and increasing views of your brand and visits to your website, contact bloomfield knoble today.