bloomfield knoble Green Roundup

At bloomfield knoble, we are passionate about the environment. It’s been said a thousand different ways, but we live in this world, so why not try to make it a better place, right? The problem is, it takes time and effort (and sometimes money) to truly “be green.”

That may be changing. We’re not there yet, but a tipping point is coming when the public consciousness, corporate attention and cheaper, more effective technology will converge to allow us to live with an increasing level of convenience, but with a decreasing impact on the world.

For that tipping point to occur, several things must happen. The public needs to start caring about the environment as much as they care about their other hot-button issues. Then corporations will have incentive to devote their resources toward developing greener products – from how the products are produced to how they are used by the consumer. That, in turn, will lead to technologies that enhance our lifestyle without leaving a massive carbon footprint or breaking the bank. Of course, when it’s not a matter of inconveniencing oneself to help the environment, the public affinity for going green will increase, and the cycle repeats, growing stronger with each repetition. That’s the tipping point.

Once that moment is reached, the cause will become that much easier to be part of. It will just become part of our daily lives. As you can see though, each step in the process relies on the other steps, which means a slow ramp up. But when it tips, we’ll start to see much improvement and innovation at a rapid pace. Think of smart phone adoption – once the public embraced smart phones and mobile apps, companies devoted new resources to that market, opening up unheard of technological possibilities and look at us now; what can’t we do with our phones?

Speaking of mobile phones, computers and other hardware, one of our biggest concerns at bloomfield knoble is the massive environmental impact of the heavy metals used to create our electronic gadgets and tools. We’re constantly looking for the best ways to dispose of or recycle our office wares after upgrading or expanding. As we’ve grown, we’ve also been keen on the best and most efficient ways to run our office without killing the environment. As we said above, it’s not the easiest or cheapest thing to do, but it’s important to try. If we’re not doing our part to push the process toward the tipping point, then we’re not being very good world citizens.

We’re also keenly interested in the despicable act of “Green Washing” – the act of promoting a product or service as green, when in fact it is not (and often spending more money on advertising the “greenness” of the product than it would have cost to make the product green in the first place). There are many examples of this in the technology industry, and keeping up with the latest news and doing our research is the best way we know to avoid falling for one of these scams.

Below are some of our favorite blogs about staying green while staying on top of the latest technology – both for the office and for the home. It’s amazing what’s already out there and the innovative solutions that have been developed by people who care and who are champions for this cause. Please add these to your regular stops on the web. It will help us get to that first step that much quicker.

Electronics Take Back Coalition – promotes green design and responsible recycling in the electronics industry

U.S. Department of Energy Energy Savers Blog – tips and news on energy efficiency and renewable energy

Envirogadget – news about the latest eco-friendly electronics

GoodCleanTech – a guide to ecotechnology

Our tagline is “It’s a big world. What’s your reach?” Well, when it comes to keeping the environment healthy, every little bit counts, so each person’s reach is further than you think.