bloomfield knoble Targets ‘We Care’ Support on NRDC

nrdc-logoDALLAS, TX – As part of its ongoing effort to spotlight a worthy cause or charity each month, Dallas-based advertising agency bloomfield knoble (bk) is lending its social influence to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) as part of its “We Care” program for October.

NRDC is a national environmental action group claiming 1.4 million grassroots members and online activists, as well as 350 lawyers, scientists and other professionals. The NRDC works with businesses, elected leaders and community groups to address causes that they have identified as priorities, including:

  • Ensuring safe and sufficient water
  • Reviving the world’s oceans
  • Curbing global warming
  • Defending endangered wildlife and wild places
  • Preventing pollution
  • Fostering sustainable communities

Each month the agency selects one of 12 charitable causes or movements it has supported (in many cases for 10+ years) and provides pro bono awareness through its social media channels and other outreach initiatives. Charities supported over 2014 range from the Make-A-Wish Foundation to the Coastal Conservation Association to the World Wildlife Fund to Stop the Pebble Mine.

“It’s always been part of our culture to actively support groups and movements that we also get behind personally. The first charity we supported, starting back in 2005, was Special Olympics. I am proud to state we are still an active supporter of that charity today,” says agency partner, Eric Hirschhorn. “Over the years, we just started donating to more worthy causes and groups until we arrived at an ‘aha! moment’ and decided to formalize our commitment internally.”

bk has actively supported a variety of charitable causes through its 18-year existence. Three years ago the agency decided to include pro bono support, in addition to its long-term financial commitment, and announced its “We Care” program. The program was initially meant to encourage other companies to go beyond financial support and utilize company resources to increase impact and reach for important charities and causes.

“We thought it should be more than a check, so we figured donating volunteer hours and pro bono effort was the next logical step,” Hirschhorn says. “If you believe in something, you better let people know about or it just might disappear.”

To learn more about We Care: Click here

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