Daily design inspiration is easier than you think with Panda 5


Check out this content aggregator for design inspiration and creative industry news.



“The Reader” view is one of many layout options to suit your preferences.

One of my absolute favorite internet browser extensions has to be the Panda plug-in. Panda, as it?s known, is a widget that displays design-specific content as the default page when opening a new tab in your browser. The widget is semi-customizable, in which you can pick and choose from various layouts and sources of aggregated design content from all over the web, ranging from news feeds of creative publications to tiles of user-submitted artwork.

Not only does it dish out the low-down on the industry?s trending topics, but it also provides an environment where contributors can showcase their skills and exchange ideas and techniques. As a creative myself, it?s nice to have a constant source of relative inspiration and news regarding the industry of design today. It?s an easy way to browse through a wide variety of artistic styles.

Download the Panda plug-in/extension for Chrome here: