Honest Solutions for the Mortgage Industry

Over the last decade, bloomfield knoble has proven ourselves as one of the leading strategic marketing agencies serving the mortgage industry. Our dedication to doing the research and gathering data before embarking on a campaign is tailor-made for an industry where people’s lifestyles and livelihoods hang in the balance. We approach the industry from a knowledge standpoint to bring information and options to homeowners in an understandable way.

Obviously, in the last few years much has changed in the industry. As a result of the rocky road that homeowners and servicers have been on, the public perception has changed, and so has how the industry does business. That includes how they develop their branding and messaging.

We’ve been involved with the mortgage industry for years so we’ve seen the ups and downs first hand. In the process, we’ve helped our mortgage industry clients with every aspect of their communications with consumers and other players in the market. We’ve developed marketing strategies and helped develop the algorithms that assist them with workout solutions for homeowners.

Every lender and servicer has a different approach to communicating with stakeholders. But we can create tailor-made messaging and branding for campaigns because we have the experience and understanding of the industry terminology; whether it’s promoting originations, REO, or Making Home Affordable Programs, we develop strategic solutions to the industry’s needs.

Our expertise has been recognized by other industry leaders, and in the last few years we’ve worked with NationStar, CoreLogic and IBM Lender Business Process Services, Inc. (LBPS).

We know when we’re sending a mailing out to one million people or developing a website, that these are real people with families and jobs having to make the difficult decision whether to stay in their homes or not. We know that we can’t help every one of them every time, but we try to help as many as possible. And we speak to them truthfully and in a straightforward way. It gets results for our clients and helps the homeowner honestly understand their options.

Our keys to success in the mortgage servicing industry in these tough times are to start with analytics, then develop a strategic but honest message and employ our knowledge of the industry to create an effective solution.

We know it’s tough for mortgage servicers as they pull themselves up in a depressed industry, but we also know it’s even tougher for homeowners who find themselves in a home they can’t afford. We offer real-world solutions on a variety of marketing, advertising, branding and messaging fronts that help everyone make the best of a bad, but getting better, situation.

To learn more about bloomfield knoble’s track record developing marketing strategies for the mortgage industry, visit www.bloomfieldknoble.com