Join bloomfield knoble to Help Developing Countries Stay e-Waste Free

We’ve discussed responsible electronics recycling and the environmental impact of dumping e-waste in previous blogs. At bloomfield knoble, we pride ourselves on being conscious of and doing what we can to alleviate the damage to the environment caused by the technologies we use to make our lives easier.

As a tech-savvy advertising agency, we rely on the latest innovations to deliver the best possible data to our clients. In order to improve their marketing and advertising, we often find ourselves upgrading our tools and gadgets. Our clients come to us for this reason. They rely on us to be up-to-date on the latest tools to execute their campaigns.

Because we make use of so many tech tools, we have to be responsible global citizens. We seek out responsible recyclers to properly dispose of our electronics (and we hope you do too). Between new models, hardware failure, emerging technologies, disposable printers, software upgrades and impossible-to-replace batteries, the amount of e-trash piles up quick.

Unfortunately, many supposedly reputable recyclers have begun dumping their e-waste in developing countries rather than taking on the expense of dismantling, recycling and properly disposing of the components in the electronics they are tasked with getting rid of.

One of our favorite organizations, the Electronics Take Back Coalition, has begun a campaign to encourage Congress to move forward with a proposed bill that would stop recyclers from dumping in developing countries. We hope you will visit their site and take action to encourage your representative to support this bill. As the Electronics Take Back Coalition points out on their site, it’s one of the most important things we can do to solve the e-waste problem. When you visit this link, they will ask you to enter your ZIP code and an editable draft letter will appear, ready to be sent to the representatives for your district.

Please take the time to do this and help keep our toxic waste from destroying the lives of people in poorer countries on the other side of the globe.



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