Scrub that Data

One of the hallmarks of the work we do for clients is our dedication to the data. We never fly blindly into a campaign and we’re never beholden to a particular medium. One of our mantras states that we are agnostic to the medium. We don’t choose what type of campaign we’re going to employ for any client until we’ve done our research.

Too often we have heard stories of agencies engaging with a client and leading them down a path to search engine marketing, direct mail or some other pre-determined format. This occurs because the agency has an expertise or formula they follow in a particular medium. This is not the most effective way to market (Dear Reader, Please make up your own metaphor and insert here).

First, we get to know the client and what pain they hired us to cure. What do they need to achieve with this campaign? If we are not already an expert, what is their industry like and what are the issues affecting the industry? This takes a lot of desire to understand our client and no small amount of independent digging on our part.

Next, we take a look at their current customers. As we detailed in a previous blog, there are many factors that go into identifying one’s target audience and getting your campaign in front of that target. But this blog is about the actual data. What does the data tell us? How valid is the data? Does it allow us to communicate to the target in the way that best achieves our client’s goals?

We make no decisions as to what to do for any client until we know the answers to these questions.

Some great points on this topic can be gleaned from Target Marketing . The article focuses on Caesar’s Palace Casino in Las Vegas. Caesars validates (and constantly re-validates) their customer data and relies on that data to speak directly to their customers with confidence and through the most effective media possible. Here is the article.

Caesar’s is able to modify its campaigns to cater to each type of customer and their particular needs. From coupons to entice new or irregular customers, to deals on shows for those who they’ve found are most likely to head to Vegas for a show rather than a poker tournament, they speak to the needs and wants of each recipient. They are able to because they did their homework and continue to do so with every customer contact. Is a direct mail piece the best way to stay in touch, or would an email be better received? It all depends on the customer. Very little money is wasted on bad data because of this constant validation.

With a viable and valid database at our disposal, we are able to create the best and most effective campaigns for our clients. It may be direct mail, social media, interactive, print, outdoor, video or a combination of all of these. The fact is, we don’t know until we’ve done our research and made the best use of the best data available.

So when you hear us say we’re agnostic to the medium, just know that means we keep an open mind until we’ve gathered all the information and cleaned up all the data. Also, know that it means our clients will get the most effective tools deployed for their marketing campaigns. Every time.