The next pet rock idea . . .

T is the new X

I was reading an article about Terahertz radiation, and I realized that I was looking at the next million dollar idea – T-ray Specs!

It’s not just the science of marketing – it’s all about marketing science.

Can you imagine how much money was made back in the day by the company that sold the X-ray specs?  They never mis-marketed the product – my recollection is that it was always promoted as an optical illusion or gag, but the company that created / marketed the product knew how to tap into what was current at the time.  In the late 1950s, X-rays were this amazing, futuristic concept that could (and did) change the world.  X-ray specs brought a concept in science into the mainstream.  I don’t know that any doctors got their start by wondering how X-ray specs worked, but it’s neat to me that a scientific concept could enter popular media.

Well, everything old is new again.  Terahertz radiation is a type of radiation that lies between microwaves and infrared wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Recently, technology has made it possible to produce and manipulate T-rays easily.  Like X-rays, T-rays can penetrate clothing and skin, but without the harmful side effects associated with prolonged X-ray exposure.  The vibrational and rotational energy states of complex molecules are also uniquely susceptible to terahertz probing.  Bombard a material with T-rays and the pattern of absorption and emission allows you to identify everything from drugs to explosives.  If you are a frequent flier, you may have already been subjected to T-rays at an airport if you went through one of the “I am basically looking at you naked” scanners.

So T-rays are the next X-rays and may very well grow to become a “game changer” in science, which brings me back to my original thought – which is, I hereby claim myself as the inventor of T-ray glasses and announce that we are willing to partner with a novelty manufacturer to create a line of T-ray glasses.

# # #

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