What happens in Vegas gets shared here.

I love Vegas. I do. I don’t go as often as I like, which is why I probably love it.

It’s not the gambling or nightclubs or shows that make me love Vegas . . . well, OK, that is part of it . . . what I really love about Vegas is the lifestyle. I am fascinated by the concept that one’s entire purpose can be built around generating the illusion of a certain lifestyle. Even in places like New York and LA, people pause every now and then to do something normal. Not Vegas. It’s always on.

So, I feel it is my duty as a Vegas lover to help promote that lifestyle. As such, I am inviting people to check out Vegasplusme, a social network dedicated to Las Vegas. Vegasplusme is a social network site and mobile app dedicated to Las Vegas and it’s free. Share, explore, buy, sell, get deals and collect everything all in one place. Vegasplusme is a part online/mobile store, trendy vegas magazine and ultimate want list. Members can add photos and video both online/mobile, use hashtags, mention anyone, make friends and send public/private messages. They can create a public group collection, curate the group collection for others to see or create a private collection.

Also discover what’s trending in Las Vegas right now on the trending page. Use the vplus bookmark tool to find other images and videos from other vegas-related sites and share them directly on Vegasplusme. Business members can sell goods and services or send users directly to their products/services using an offsite product link to a website. Businesses who would like to advertise can do so with sponsored posts for all users to see. Members can pay a subscription to receive the monthly Vegasplusme swag bag filled full of handpicked items. Businesses can also create their own swag bag and sell subscriptions as well.

Cory R Rinkin Sr., the Founder of Teknolotree Inc, says, “The reason we made Vegasplusme a social network site and app dedicated to Las Vegas was that it had never been done before. There is so much going on in this city, it just begs to be shared and connected directly.” He also goes on to say that “Las Vegas has so much to offer and so much going on, yet no one can find it all on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, it’s just to hard to locate. There has to be a better way to share as well as find content for this area. It just helps people access it fast and easy.” Cory affirms that Vegasplusme is the answer to the need for a social network for this locale. It gives the people, businesses and fans of Las Vegas a place of their own to share and connect without the outside noise of irrelevant content that other social networks seem to have.

It’s obvious, the city is begging to be shared, so with that in mind Cory would like everyone to say hello to Vegasplusme – a place for sharing and shopping the Las Vegas lifestyle.