Look, I’m writing about something advertising-related! Our company, bloomfield knoble, inc., has  advanced to the semi-final round of American Airlines’ (AA) video contest, “Flights. Camera. Action.” Check us out at and vote for bloomfield knoble, inc. in the “established” category.

We’re very excited to have gotten this far, but that’s only part of it. The finalists will be chosen via vote, which means that this post is really about us asking for you to vote for us – and isn’t that really what advertising is all about – getting people to take an action because you convince them to do so? I could write a bunch of prose and convert this to an entry about how we’re going to overcome impediments, etc., but I think I’ll just go with asking people to vote.

Voting began on September 6, 2013, at The contest features videos from companies and non-profits that tell their story of how one AA flight changed the course of their business. bloomfield knoble’s video, “Landing the Job,” tells the story of how one trip flying on AA helped land one of the agency’s most important clients. The video features bloomfield knoble key agency executives Eric Hirschhorn, Chris Weatherley and Thomas Thompson. In the in-house produced video, the leaders of the agency recount how AA’s cooperation with rescheduling their flights and its “In-Flight Wi-Fi” program were critical to the agency securing the business. Like watching a reality TV show, the video features agency footage of the team working in the air to meet this important Washington, D.C. client’s critical deadline before landing back in Dallas.

 As part of their campaign to generate votes in the contest, bk relied on their innate creative agency instincts. Their “Next Great Moment in American History” social media campaign features a multi-platform promotion incorporating iconic images of important events in American history, with a distinctly (albeit subtle) bloomfield knoble twist. Each image encourages users to “Help bloomfield knoble achieve the next great moment in American history.” To see the campaign in action, visit bloomfield knoble’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts. The online vote allows for one vote, per person, every day through Thursday, September 26. With each ballot cast, voters are entered to win 25,000 AAdvantage miles from AA. Voting begins today, September 6, at noon CST.

bloomfield knoble’s video is entered in the Established Business category. There are two other categories, Start-Up and Non Profit. After the public votes are tabulated, the top videos with the most votes in their category advance to the “Finals.” In the end, one “Champion” among all of the categories will be declared. bloomfield knoble entered the contest with a desire to showcase its ability to tell a story through video and to recount one of the agency’s personal favorite “landing the big fish” stories. The event the video portrays was key in the agency’s rise to becoming the top mortgage finance expert in advertising. Additionally, bloomfield knoble has niche expertise in outdoor sporting products and retail foods and products. Founded in 2005, the agency has grown from a web-focused startup agency to becoming a premiere, full-service strategic agency with clients nationwide, including two in the “Fortune 10.”

So, please, go vote for us at I guess that is something you don’t see in advertising everyday – honesty. Here’s something else you don’t see often – a sincere thank you for helping.