bloomfield knoble’s ‘We Care’ Initiative Is Designed To Make A Difference

Each year bloomfield knoble (bk) gives generously to various environmental and community organizations on a local and national level through its “We Care” program. The agency is proud to announce that its annual donations for 2015 have been made.

Unknown“Now the real work begins,” says agency partner Eric Hirschhorn. “We set a year-long calendar of effort to help deliver results to these groups. That’s why our program is unique. Nobody in our industry – or any industry I know of – has this type of program and history to commitment. We don’t just want to say we donated to a cause. We want to see the cause ‘win.’”

The organizations supported by bloomfield knoble through “We Care” include a variety of organizations ranging from conservation to special needs to fighting disease to access to freedom and information. In addition to financial contributions, bloomfield knoble engages in active social media monitoring, posting and promoting of these causes to increase public awareness and engagement. Pro bono design and consulting for organizations is provided, where it fits the need. The agency also encourages its staff and clients to take volunteer opportunities with these and other organizations.

Here are the 12 organizations the bk We Care program supports:

Each month the agency selects one of its 12 charitable causes or movements it has supported (in many cases for 10+ years) and provides pro bono awareness through its social media channels and other outreach initiatives. bk uses its social media expertise and website exposure to grow engagement with these organizations, to promote events/initiatives and fundraising.

Here are a couple of recent examples from 2015 where We Care has begun to promote the Electronics Takeback Coalition to launch the year of We Care support.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 10.41.37 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 10.55.19 AM
“It’s easy to just send a check and feel like you’ve contributed,” says Chris Weatherley, the agency’s other partner. “But we just don’t think that is enough. It’s the volunteering of our time and resources which helps make a difference. We want these important organizations to make a difference. That’s why we do this and share our story throughout the year.”

If you’re a charity and would like to be part of bk’s We Care initiative, use our contact form and mention “We Care” and Eric Hirschhorn will contact you.