You Better Be Interesting on the New Facebook

As Mashable points out, the new Facebook changes that were announced last week will eventually impact Pages as well as user profiles. As it stands now, businesses can post their message and count on that message appearing in people’s newsfeed who have “liked” them – whether it’s relevant to that user or not. That’s all well and good for businesses who post “nonsense” posts that even their followers probably don’t care about. (Think of the company that only posts about how great its product is. After you’ve heard it enough, it just becomes static.)

With the latest changes, the emphasis will be on interacting with the content and informing Facebook of individual tastes and interests. Over time, if your content isn’t compelling, it will be relegated exclusively to the Ticker – the sidebar that shows “less important” updates.

The secret will be to create content that not only conveys your brand message, but also compels your followers to interact with it, to engage with your brand and – most importantly– not click the dreaded blue triangle of death that tells Facebook to keep it out of the top of their feed. To accomplish that is going to take more time and effort. Rather than posting self-glorifying post after self-glorifying post, companies are going to need a strategy that plays out over time. They’ll also need astute monitoring of trends, especially when it comes to interaction with their audience on the social media giant.

With our strategic DNA and experience using the latest technologies and social media tools to communicate our clients’ messages, bloomfield knoble is already developing strategies that work, and will continue to work as the social media game continues to change.

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