bk Expands to East Coast with D.C. Hires

Usually I have an issue I have been thinking about for some time, so when it comes to my blog, I just kind of let it flow. It is not often that I don’t have much rattling around in my head. But right now, bloomfield knoble (bk) is, as is said in the restaurant biz, really “in the weeds.” Meaning we are busy, busy, busy. With national media campaigns kicking off, new clients being on-boarded by going through our RUDE process, digital launches and various projects, it does not leave a lot of time for introspection.

Luckily, I did not need to come up with a great topic because we do have some interesting news: bk has expanded to Washington, D.C. That’s right, we have two full-time representatives now in DC and we could not be more excited.

Meet bk's new East Coast Director of Business Development, Michael Fabrikant.
Meet bk’s new East Coast Director of Business Development, Michael Fabrikant.

Agency partner Chris Weatherley and I started planning this expansion in 2013. We targeted 2015 for several reasons, chief among them was timing. Over the last 3 years as we have expanded our services to government department prospects, we discovered we needed to apply and receive different levels of status to be considered. What started in 2012 as a gleam in our eye is today an executional opportunity. Our GSA contract is under final review and our retail client growth doubled on the East Coast since 2012. While expansion is the dream of every agency founder/owner/partner, launching the effort prior to having the proper paperwork, licenses, approvals, etc. would have been an error. We can honestly say we have sharpened our axe and are ready to go to work with a greater chance of success by patiently planning and building.

It is not easy to wait, however. Expansion of one’s business is the dream of every company. Growth means opportunity. Opportunity is the life blood of any business, especially advertising agencies. When I say expansion, I do no mean just with clients. Rather, I mean it in terms of geography. It is one thing to have national clients. It is another to have trained, professional representatives to introduce our business and grow the business daily. To have good people that can manage and work with prospective clients on a daily, eye-to-eye basis is what we have sought for 3 years. That is where we find ourselves in Washington, D.C, today.

We chose DC because we have a strong footprint there and have identified key opportunities. Also, we just love it up there. We have built some wonderful friendships with our current client partners and we want to stay in touch by becoming locals, so to speak. After 8 years of traveling up there at least 8 times a year, founding a DC satellite was an obvious choice.

The hard part? Well, that was finding the right individuals to represent us to the level bk has come to be viewed. After running through numerous resumes, conducting 3 rounds of interviews in DC and Dallas, we finally settled on our team. So it’s time to introduce our new East Coast Director of Business Development, Michael Fabrikant. Michael is a DC native and more recently worked as a public servant serving the people of Washington, D.C. He understands what it means to work hard to meet a goal and his personal ethic matches ours at bk. We look forward to Michael leading the expansion of our agency in DC and across the East Coast. Please join us and congratulate him on his new, important position.

Our goal in DC is to expand  and add more personnel beyond Michael and his recent new hire. But a wise agency mixes bold and caution together and sticks to its goal-based strategic plan – just as we advise our clients. (I do not introduce our other business development rep at this stage to allow him to wrap up other professional loose ends first. Look for an announcement next month.) (That mix has lead to nearly 20 years of successful business.)

If you would like to introduce yourself, please contact him at our main number 214-220-3701 ext THREE-EIGHT-ZERO-NINE.