Collaborate to Win: A Client-Agency Blueprint for Growth 

Several years ago, when we were a newer agency, we had a third call back in front of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) presenting our agency and services. After re-introductions and some discussion, the CMO looked at us and said, “We want to work with bk and grow our businesses together.” 

(Today, that company serves more than 4.5 million homeowners annually and is one of the largest home loan servicers in the U.S.) 

That was an important statement for us to hear and understand as a young agency. With those words, we knew this was the right client for bk. One that would support its agency as a business/partner to build shared successes.  

I responded, “We believe that successful business relationships are a lot like friendships. It’s not how we treat each other during the good times. It’s more how we work together to solve challenges.” 

“Then let’s get started,” they responded. Twenty-plus years on, we are still supporting that same CMO, albeit with a different client.  

The key differentiator I have found as an agency that puts a premium on long-term client relationships is that we have honest, transparent discussions based around continuing our successful partnership. 

It is in the best interests of the client and agency to openly discuss and forecast annual project plans, services, and goals. This is integral to providing best-in-class agency services. As an agency, understanding what is needed to support a client at the beginning of the year — for the entire year — allows us to become more streamlined, skilled and successful because we can: 

  • Plan for new in-demand skilled employees based on level of effort and time 
  • Develop specific processes and implement the latest tools to keep up with demand 
  • Prepare more refined budgets and cost estimates 
  • Develop weekly project plans to achieve quarterly and annual KPIs and goals 
  • Present informed concepts and campaigns with context to meet a clients’ objectives 

Using that CMO’s statement from years past as part of our philosophy we’ve been able to build stronger relationships with clients. It really helped us to collaborate for success.  

3 Keys to Empower Agency-Client Collaborative Success 

One thing that I have learned in my 26+ years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry is that success is much easier when we are supported and feel trusted. There are three important things you can do to support your agency’s efforts to help ensure that your projects are completed successfully. 

  1. Be clear about your expectations and priorities. Work closely on creative briefs that specify deliverables, requirements and realistic timelines that include brand and legal reviews. This helps the agency allocate its resources accordingly and avoid any misunderstandings. 
  1. Provide accurate and timely information. The more information your agency has upfront, the better equipped they’ll be to plan and execute your project. This includes providing access to any relevant data, research, brand guidelines, legal requirements or marketing materials before starting a project. 
  1. Be a dynamic partner. Build trust and transparency. Work to demonstrate an understanding that success is the proverbial “two-way street.” It’s as simple (and difficult) as that. 

Our goal is to be your Trusted Partner on your road to success. Set up time to learn more.