The bk ‘We Care’ Campaign Launches for 2016

I know, I know. The year just ended and you were barraged with social media messages about holiday charitable support from seemingly every company in the U.S. Holiday charitable support now seems as ubiquitous to the holiday season as “Holiday Sales Events” (kill me).

At that time of year we, bloomfield knoble (bk), may appear to be callous or indifferent to charitable support. The fact is, we provide support year-round. So by December we are wrapping up our 12-months of work and readying for the new year of support. Like everything, we kind of over achieve. It’s in our nature.

If you are not familiar, the bk “We Care” program consists of our choosing 12 charitable organizations each January. We provide fina ncial support to all of them in January, then we spotlight one each month of the year to provide pro bono social media support or hands-on volunteerism by the bk staff. Most of the organizations have been supported by bk for years. However, we do try to add in new worthy causes each year. For instance, this month, we are spotlighting the Special Olympics of Texas. This is the 18th year we have provided support to the Special Olympics. It was the original organization we chose when we founded this agency and we hold that group very close to our hearts.

The Special Olympics is bk’s longest running We Care program.

Last year I finally made the effort to explain why we let you know that we support charities. Here is that blog Why bk is Telling You We Support Charities. Therefore, I won’t go into that again. But I do reiterate that providing support for organizations year-round is better than checking it off a list once each winter.

It is wonderful that people think of charitable efforts during the holiday season. But making a difference means committing to some heavy lifting all year long. Since we focus on several human/civil rights organizations and environmental groups, we know they need support every day in any way they can get it. Therefore, we encourage our peers and colleagues in the industry to adopt this approach. It is actually less effort and more meaningful than just writing a check at the end of the year.

Further, while there is nothing wrong with supporting one group at the end of the year, we would urge you to consider sharing the wealth and expanding your support.

As an agency, we have found that our focusing each month on a different cause or group allows us to include every one in the office. Some people may not be much of an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) supporter (I am, however). However, they may really be into pandas, so the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) gets them more involved and jazzed to support that month.

bk Partner Chris Weatherley's We Care organization of choice is the Coastal Conservation Association.
bk Partner Chris Weatherley’s We Care organization of choice is the Coastal Conservation Association.

It’s about inclusiveness and maximizing the impact we make. Just because our creative director/agency partner, Chris Weatherley, is really into the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA), doesn’t mean that Thomas Thompson, our lead strategist is. In fact, I think Thom prefers the Electronics Take Back Coalition to any outdoor activity we might support.

The point I am making is that in order to make an impact we have to get people involved. As a top advertising agency based in Dallas, TX, we simply applied the same tactics to our internal charitable support as we do to client advertising planning campaigns – reach people where and when they are most interested. Limiting one’s reach to one group minimizes interest with your potential participants. As with any marketing effort, we activate the target audience through compelling content that drives them to take an action. It’s advertising 101, really.

So follow us through social media  and support our “We Care” campaign throughout this year. Take note as we implement our social media editorial calendar and support a different organization each month by highlighting the volunteerism in our office, as well as general support of the organizations’ own outreach and awareness efforts.

Then, why not join bk and change up your support format from a holiday theme to a dedicated annual effort? We could all use your help.

Thank you for your support – Eric J Hirschhorn, partner, the bloomfield knoble Advertising Agency