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Welcome. We are bloomfield knoble.

A Dallas, Texas-based, independent strategic creative agency that focuses on delivering results.

At bloomfield knoble we are passionate about advertising and strategic marketing. We craft campaigns that compel consumers to take an action by making sure strategy, media planning, creative, brand management and production work in perfect unison.



This may not be actual rocket science, but we take the same approach. This is not your standard ‘advertising speak.’ We really are math nerds and we start with theoretical algorithms to your target or market problem and then we move into media assessments, online surveys, IDI’s, focus groups, market study, qualitative vs. quantitative and whatever we think will get us closest to solving the riddle.



Now that we have the research, we can build our Understanding. We never take the same approach or make blanket recommendations for media placement or brand execution. Remember, we stated this is all based on a 17-year-in-the-making process, and we take that to heart.

With Understanding comes clarity. With clarity can come intense planning and brainstorming. You’ve seen Mad Men? Well, that is not the bk way. Instead, we stick to the rocket scientist approach. We methodically work through campaign or creative planning based on the Research. We are agnostic to the media. We let the Research lead us to the Understanding and we don’t alter that with bias. If Research shows your target audience is mobile-based, we Understand that and stick to the proof.

We believe our Understanding of your business goal should end up at our motto:

Fish Where The Fish Are

It sounds simple. But it’s actually pretty hard. So let us work with you to get there.



We Develop our creative and technical applications off of the first two stages of our process: Research and Understanding.

Since we now Understand your business’s growth goals better than anyone outside of your internal team, why would we let anyone else do the work? It’s the little things that make a creative execution or technical development work so well. So we keep it internal. Our creative and technical teams have long tenure with bk based on experience and skill. Since we, as a unit, Understand your business’s positioning, developing effective, action-driving creative is a natural derivative of the 17-year-in-the-making process.



Which leads us to executing your campaign, project or daily update. You see, we serve our clients in many crucial ways. Most of our clients have counted on us for 6+ years. Some even more. In each case we serve as long-term strategic partners, helping to cover and uncover issues before they occur.

So whether we work on a project basis, channel marketing or as-needed, we can be effective placing your media, developing a niche microsite or website, leading social media content development or developing ads or radio spots for online or offline play.

For a more detailed explanation of the R.U.D.E. process. Click Here

What we do.

Account Management

Relationships are everything to us. We become part of your team, listening first, then working with you to achieve your goals.

Project Management

When form follows function — and you have process to ensure it occurs — beautiful things happen.

Research & Analytics

Our dedication to the data informs our decisions. We don’t execute a project, campaign or creative without justification from the research.

Strategic Planning

It's all about the plan — and then refining the plan as it gets in motion.


Because we rely on research, planning and strategy, your campaign will reach your target audience and surpass your goals.

Creative Services

Because we have focused understanding, our creative knocks it out of the park.

Technical Services

Our in-house technical expertise means our strategy, planning and creative dovetail perfectly for a masterful finished product.


From review of existing materials to active campaign adjustments, we never stop pursuing a cycle of continuous improvement to increase your success.

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Case Studies

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