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Your campaign worked… but how do you know which part?

You’ve done the research, the legwork and maybe even some focus studies before your last campaign, and the results were actually strong enough to reach your goals. That’s great! But what made it different from the others that had less success? It can be hard to tell without the right tools or information. What is

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Here’s Why I’m Going to the 2018 DIFF This Weekend, and You Should, Too

Sometimes it’s not about work. To clarify, in this blog representing my company, work is important, but so is the work-life balance as an individual person, and as a team. I feel like the big projects can wear you out as a group; unwinding back to routine is hard, and sometimes even that can make

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For those who say ‘Design doesn’t matter’

Recently, someone asked me what I like about being a graphic designer. My wheels started spinning because there are so many reasons. Besides the fact that I’m obsessed with color and typography, design, in my humble opinion, affects almost every aspect of our lives. Design is not just about making things look pretty (although, that


Watching TV is about to get even more interactive.

Soundlly is using data-filled tones to stream additional content to mobile devices. Let me start this post off by saying that “Soundlly” is not a typo, no matter what spell-check / auto-correct says. Instead, Soundlly is the name of a company in Seoul, South Korea, which has developed a technology that uses sounds at low

Caveat Empclicktwittor

The same machines that help us better target can also hurt us. Caveat Empclicktwittor is me pretending I remember anything from high school Latin class, but I’m going to loosely translate it as, “beware what you click on Twitter” because it turns out that the same machines that help us better target customers can also