Watching TV is about to get even more interactive.

Soundlly is using data-filled tones to stream additional content to mobile devices. Let me start this post off by saying that “Soundlly” is not a typo, no matter what spell-check / auto-correct says. Instead, Soundlly is the name of a company in Seoul, South Korea, which has developed a technology that uses sounds at low

Caveat Empclicktwittor

The same machines that help us better target can also hurt us. Caveat Empclicktwittor is me pretending I remember anything from high school Latin class, but I’m going to loosely translate it as, “beware what you click on Twitter” because it turns out that the same machines that help us better target customers can also

Fighting the battle against mediocrity

Complacency is the greatest danger to an advertising agency and its clients It happens to everyone and everything, everywhere. Monkeys in the forests of South America get complacent about their jumps between trees in the jungle and fall to their deaths. (Check it out, it is a real thing.) The New York Yankees get tired

bk Life

Turns out Tweens are, well, different.

The next generation of consumer is even more different than you think. My 11 year-old son makes me insane. Don’t get me wrong, I love him more than anything, but after watching him walk around with a trash can on his head the other day, I’m starting to think that maybe . . . just

Can You Hear Me Now?

I saw an ad that made me do a double-take the other day. Since I work at bloomfield knoble, a premier strategic marketing and advertising agency, I’m generally not prone to paying much attention to ads or being surprised by them, but this one caught me off guard. The ad was Paul Marcarelli pitching Sprint. The


“Make it Sweet” with Customizable, Preset-Based After Effects Plug-ins

If you have ever created motion graphics on a large scale, sometimes the simplest tasks (such as full-screen transitions and graphic emphasis) can be very tedious and time-consuming. As I’ve covered in recent posts, it’s completely acceptable to streamline repetitive tasks with the use of plug-ins and extensions. These tools automate many different types of