A video is worth a thousand keywords.

Let’s face it – video is really starting to take over the Web.  Why read something when you can watch it?  I mean, it’s much cooler to watch an opposing running back consistently break through the Kansas Chief’s defense and rack up 200 yards that it is to read about it later.  Yes, I am

SEO What?

At bloomfield knoble, we recognize that Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are important aspects to creating successful integrated campaigns.  It’s just that the entire concept of keyword searching is so 2010. Over a decade ago, Tim Berners-Lee suggested the idea of a semantic Web – the idea that information should be stored in

A consumer website that really makes a dent in the housing crisis?

This article found on HousingWatch.com is the basis for the blog below — http://www.housingwatch.com/2010/08/27/fannie-mae-wants-you-to-knowyouroptions-com/ A recent pro ject bloomfield knoble provided for Fannie Mae was the KnowYourOptions.com website and communication campaign. This effort includes internal and external marketing material for every viable channel. The intent, after careful thought and planning, was to develop a communication

The next big (small) thing in digital signage.

As designers of digital signage, we want to use computers, but can’t.  The reason is because computers (generally) rely on Random Access Memory.  In RAM, individual bits of data can be accessed and changed.  This makes RAM very fast, since the computer can directly access the data it wants to manipulate.  Computers can tweak small

Can Blogs and Tweets predict the future?

Hal Varian, Google’s chief economist, and his colleague Hyunyoung Choi think so.  Researchers at Google used the frequency of certain search terms to forecast the sales of homes, cars and other products.  Their research showed how the volume of searches for certain products, such as types of car, rose and fell in line with monthly

Quantum Physics and Marketing

According to quantum theory, entangled particles behave as if they have an instantaneous link to their partners that spans the entire Universe.  Once regarded as a delicate and esoteric effect, quantum entanglement is proving surprisingly robust and is likely to be one of the key concepts of 21st century technology.  Theorists have also proved that,